"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Our People Principle

As an organisation that believes in team work and moving towards a common goal, we feel that we can achieve nothing without our employees. Our employees are the ones who power SuMax every single day with their dedication and systematic approach towards work. We are constantly working on ways to improve Operational Excellence to be able to face challenges head on and simultaneously attain a work-life balance. At SuMax, we value individuals as much as we cherish their contributions towards the organisation and the society as a whole.

We need no program or initiative to show we care. We think everyone at SuMax is our most valuable asset. We demonstrate our care through employee wellness activities, fair compensation, employee insurance, and safety measures. We also provide the necessary training and technological upgrades to help individuals learn, excel and strive towards better performance delivery. Our ultimate aim is to treat everyone with dignity and respect, and create a better work environment for all through the power of diversity and inclusion.

A Culture of Innovation

In a constantly changing world, we hold on to our long-standing tradition of innovation. Through the right tools and solutions, we hope to nurture a culture of innovation and transformation; aggressively providing opportunities for all to learn, innovate and help us extend organisational boundaries. We are already in the process of creating more opportunities for all through a roadmap that touches new horizons and creates new avenues for growth and change. The idea is to cause a disruption for the better by partnering with those who are already putting the country on a global pedestal.

Unleash the leader in you

How does one define a leader? He doesn't wear a crown nor is his merit decided by his number of followers. At SuMax, he is someone who leads by example and has the potential to question convention and drive change. This could be you. Your contribution can go a long way in strengthening our leadership position. While we take on the world, we will give you an opportunity to make a positive impact too by providing you unparalleled opportunities to grow with us. We nurture an entrepreneurial spirit at SuMax with an aim to help each individual perform beyond potential while blossoming in a place that feels like home. Rest assured, this is where you will get the space, opportunity and the wall of fame where you could showcase your leadership for the world to see.

What you get

Opportunity - Having partnered with the best OEMs, SuMax offers a world of opportunities to those seeking to carve their niche early on. As we continue to spread our wings and soar, we promise to take you along to more exciting destinations.

Training - There's always more to learn; and for true-blue engineers the actual training begins only once you are on the job. We promise to provide continuous professional development by way of courses and training modules specifically designed for your growth.

Rewards - Appreciation is the first thing that will come your way when you perform at SuMax. From exciting incentive plans to employee rewards, we aim to do everything we can to give you a purpose and a sense of fulfilment.

Transparency – We follow a completely fair, open door policy to encourage communication and discussion about concerns that are important to you. This is an opportunity to give feedback or raise red flags with the motive of resolving issues on time.

Does this describe you?

If the engineer in you is young, dynamic, and enterprising, you could just be who we are looking for. Our QUEST compels us to not just look for solutions for our clients, but solution providers for our organisation who know exactly what it takes to change the world in the most meaningful way. If you have the zeal, we have the opportunity. The good part is - It's just a call away.

Why SuMax

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