"I would rather lose money than trust"

Robert Bosch,

Founder- Bosch Engineering Company

Trust has to be unwavering and uncompromised. At SuMax, ethical behaviour is what we strive for and ensure that it resonates in the way we conduct ourselves. Precisely why, we pay great attention to people who are associated with us on a daily basis.

Our enterprise rests on three solid pillars- Customers, Co-workers and Commercial Partners.


We are aware that the way we treat our customers will have a direct impact on our reputation. Through integrity, transparency and our compliance with laws and regulations, we demonstrate the highest ethical standards in the way we serve our customers. Fairness and humility at all levels have helped us build a spirit of trust. Quality and on-time deliveries on the other hand have helped us foster it.


We know that our beliefs and values mean nothing if they are not adhered to, by one and all. We believe in empowering. We can achieve a lot more together and therefore cultivate a culture of team success instead of glorifying individual achievements. While every member is appreciated for their individual strengths, we aim to grow together while fulfilling our respective obligations. Seamless collaboration is our primary objective. While we believe in celebrating together, we take cognizance of individual contributions and also expect everyone to take ownership.

Commercial Partners

We are nothing without our business partners who had the faith in our capabilities from the very beginning. Our QUEST for excellence compels us to demonstrate it in spirit and action. We believe in pursuing excellence in concept as well as execution, in thought as well as delivery, in capabilities as well as communication. We are proud that our partners are as committed as us towards building better solutions for a world that's always looking for something new and rewarding. Through the synergy and collaboration we have built together, we are confident of building pathways that connect today to a promising tomorrow.