There's a lot to look into when you wish to be one of the most reliable development partners for OEMs across the globe. We hope to create a long-term impact in the field of auto electrics. After all, precision can be achieved in the smallest of things, and these small things together make for a great performance.

Our alternator components are made using intelligent technology that has helped us go a long way in a short but significant period of 3 years. We take product safety as seriously as product competence; which is why, our products have found a coveted place in some of the most sophisticated marvels of major manufacturing companies.

Auto Electric & Alternator components

Products that are making a mark -

  • Alternator components
Markets catered - India
Our Products and their Applications in the Auto-Electric Industry
  • Stator Core - Stator Cores for Automotive Alternator assembly

Auto Electric Products