Our Journey… A tale of tools

SuMax is young. And it is growing. But it has its roots in a humble household in North Karnataka where C.G. Suttatti was born in a family that ran a small cloth-weaving business. A mechanical engineer by profession, his perennial hunger to do bigger things compelled him to step out of his comfort zone and come to the city of intellectual doers - Pune, in 1959.

C.G. Suttatti's beginning (as is the case for most entrepreneurs) was modest. So much so that he had no idea that the tool room he worked in was setting the stage for a highly flourishing career. The company he worked for was of high repute. While working there he realised that the company suffered a long lead time every now and then while awaiting import of special tooling.

As a young and restless engineer, he believed in focusing on solutions than challenges. Thus came into being the first set of tools that more than catered to the requirements of the company. This was the time he realised the true potential of his genius and of course his creation. On a mission to bridge the gap between viable tools and organisations, he along with his younger brother P.G. Suttatti, established his own tool room Vijay Engineering in 1963.

For an era that relied heavily on imported tools, this was a strong indication of self-reliance.

C.G. Suttatti's passion for engineering excellence and new technology heralded winds of change that favoured growth and a stronger economy. Clearly, it was this Make in India sentiment within that acted as a driving force. He began investing in hi-tech machinery to expand capabilities and fine-tune his vision. His product portfolio grew and so did his venture. By 1973, he was already catering to small and big requirements of prominent OEMs and engineering conglomerates.

The second generation of Suttattis was inspired to do more. It was in 1979 that SuMax came into being, as a one-stop enterprise for special tools, gauges and fixtures and diversified into supplying auto components to OEMs.

It grew in size as well as customer base. Its first high volume production order came from a highly acclaimed automotive OEM in 1993. And then, there was no looking back. It was the time when Suttatti Enterprises was established that focused on manufacturing sheet metal components with the best-in-class laser cutting technology.

We've lost count of the many moments of pride since then. The beginning has been extremely humble but the journey has been gratifying. We touched upon important milestones along the way. Each one deserves a mention as it serves as a stepping stone as well, to the ever-rising tower of fame and glory we are building for the next generation of super-powered Suttattis.

Today, Suttatti Group is proud of its association with various sectors such as Automotive, Defence, Medical, Railway, Power, Engineering, Infrastructure and Construction.

Our Milestones

Here’s a sneak peek into the journey so far. A journey that will continue to raise the bar for engineering excellence and strengthen the Make in India initiative with each creation.
  • 2014
  • 2006
  • 1993
  • 1979
  • 1973
  • 1963

Started a new manufacturing unit to produce Galvanized Electro-Forged Gratings

Established a new Export Oriented Unit to manufacture highly critical Turbocharger Components

SuMax received its first high volume production order from an automotive OEM

Suttatti Enterprises was established for manufacturing Sheet-Metal Fabricated Components

SuMax was established for manufacturing Machined Components

Vijay Engineering received its first big order from an OEM

Established Vijay Engineering for manufacturing Tools