The automotive sector has been growing by leaps and bounds and with it, our products too. Our association with some of the most prominent OEMs in this industry has compelled us to create products that are perpetually evolving to accommodate the stringent requirements of highly diverse and dynamic markets. Through unwavering focus on technology and product reliability, we hope to be part of every vehicle of change and innovation.

Our 20 years of experience gives us the edge to create products that understand their role perfectly in a sector that’s expected to function smoothly like clockwork. Our products have adapted well to changing designs. What we aim for however is a strong product portfolio that gets the wheels of progress moving in the right direction for all concerned.

Auto parts and components

Products that are making a mark -

  • Turbocharger Components
  • Steering Components
  • Engine Components
Markets catered - India & USA
Our Products and their Applications in the Automotive Industry
  • Turbine Housing – Turbocharger component
  • Shroud Plate - Turbocharger component
  • Lifters - Tappet Valve Lifters for High Capacity Engines
  • Pins - Pins for Tappet Valve Lifters
  • Cone - Belt Idler Pulley component for Automotive Engines
  • Worm Shaft - Worm Shaft for Automotive Steering assembly
  • Valve Slide - Valve Slide for Automotive Steering assembly

Automotive Products