For a company that's rooted and takes immense pride in the Make in India initiative, it comes as no surprise that we are strengthening our roots in a sector that's extremely important for our economy, namely, Agriculture. Through continuous engineering excellence, we offer competitive solutions to OEMs that help farmers not just improve their productivity but boost their overall efficiency.

Our components form the core of tillers, combine harvesters and tractors. We've partnered with prominent giants like John Deere in their growth and endeavour to create ground-breaking products that symbolise pride as well as progress. With 20 years of constant contribution towards this sector, we hope to create a product portfolio that leaves a global footprint.

Tractor parts and components

Products that are making a mark -

  • Clutch Components
  • Gearbox Components
  • Axle Components
  • Mounting Components
  • Steering System Components
Markets catered - India & Brazil
Our Products and their Applications in the Agriculture Industry
  • Planet Pinion Carrier – Tractor Transmission components for Axil assembly
  • Clutch Drum – Clutch components for Tractor Gear Box
  • Gland – Tractor component for Steering assembly
  • Piston - Tractor component for Steering assembly
  • Head - Tractor component for Steering assembly
  • Arm – Tractor components
  • Bracket - Tractor components
  • Hub - Harvester components
  • Filter Base - Harvester components
  • Crank Finger - Harvester components
  • Flange - Harvester components
  • Chock Block - Harvester components
  • Sector - Harvester components

Agriculture Products